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Closing hourly contract as soon as logging hours manually.


Last week, I had a contract that agreed 2 hrs with the client. and after delivering results, the client agreed to bill 2 hrs manually and I logged time 2 hrs manually.

As soon as logging hours, client closed the contract and I also closed it by giving feedback.
But I can't see the feedback from client and this contract is closed with no feedback on my profile.
The client said me there was no option to leave the public feedback

How can I understand this problem?
Looking forward hearing.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Kostja,

Your client still haven`t wrote a public feedback on your contract. If they need help with this, you can send them this Help Article and let them know that they can follow the steps listed in the help article. Thank you!

~ Goran

If the client closed the contract, the client must have left feedback, as it is impossible to close a contract with money paid or hours logged without leaving feedback.


The only possibility is that the client closed the contract before the manual time the OP entered had properly processed so if the system may have been unaware how that time was logged at that point and only presented the client with the option to leave private feedback, but I have never known that to happen.


Hi, Petra

You are right!
The client said me there was no option and I thought the system unaware of how many times logged.

But it is a normal contract from here and I also would like to get public feedback from the client.
Is there anyway let the client leave me public feedback?


Looking forward.
Warmest Regards

Hi Kostja, 

Please send me a PM with the contract ID so that I can investigate this further, thank you!

~ Goran

Hi Kostja,



First check that the hours are actually properly registered (in your reports)

Have you left feedback for the client yet? If not, do so now.

Then go back to the contract and see if you can find an option to "allow client to leave feedback"

If yes, click on it.

If not, get the client to contact Support.


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