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Colors changing when I upload images for portfolio

Hi, I'm new to Upwork, and I'm having problems with the colors changing when I upload images for my portfolio. It looks dark and very orange. I've tried a few images and the recommended dimensions and still the same thing.  Also, what is the recommended resolution in addition to the height and width?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Quinton,


Could you please clear your cache and cookies or log in with another browser to check if you’re still experiencing the same issue? The minimum dimensions for images are 400px width x 300px height , however 1000px width x 750px height is recommended. To learn more about portfolios, check this help article.


 Let us know if the issue persists. 

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan, yes I'm still experiencing the same issue. I'm using Google Chrome, I tried using Safari as my other browser, I've cleared my cache and cookies for both and still the colors and exposure looks different. I've attached 2 files.  The dark photo is what upwork did to the file, and you can see the pencil icon in it.  The bright photo without the pencil icon is my original that is at 1000px width x 750px height.  I've seen this problem being asked in the community but haven't seen an answer given as yet.  I'd really like to get this solved because the profile is an important part for the clients to see.  


Thanks Bojan

Thank you for providing additional information, Quinton.


We’ll have one of our agents reach out to you via a support ticket to assist you with this concern. 

~ Bojan

Ok thank you


It is what it is.


Handle this on your own.

Don't wait for anybody from Upwork Customer Support to help you.


The main ways that you will handle this on your own are:

a) Adjusting your input phot and uploading it to see the result. Then proactively making more adjustments to the photo to try to get the final uploaded result as good as possible.


b) Accepting the fact that the final results may not be completely satisfactory to a highly discerning eye such as yours. But everybody is using the same system, so nobody is at a comparative disadvantage.

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