Complete a job but client did not pay. What to do ?




I am an architect and new to Upwork. I have had one job and didn't pay from the client how much we agreed. So we have a contract where one task is 10$, and that is paid, but there is one more task and its 20$ it is not paid. I finished the job, some drawings in Auto Cad send to the client but nothing from then. I ask him for the money but no answer. What should I do? The client name is **Edited for Community Guidelines**, link of contract


In over messages (chat) he promised me 50$ more if I do new comments other than contract, but nothing. Please, Upwork Community talk to the client or closed his account if he doesn't want to pay. Everything is in over chat you can see.



Is the second milestone funded? If yes, just click on submit work and request payment.


If not, there is no recourse. Only ever work on FUNDED milestones. Anything else can not be disputed, only what is in Escrow.

The value of a $50 milestone funded in escrow is $50.


The value of a promise via chat to pay $50 is zero dollars.


If the client promised via chat to pay you, and he has not paid you anything, then as far as Upwork concerned, the matter is over.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ognjen,


I checked and see the second Milestone for which you already delivered the work is not funded. Please make sure not to start working until the contract is fully funded or if the subsequent Milestone is created and funded after providing work and receiving payment for the previous Milestone.


Please communicate with your client regarding payment for the work you completed and find more information about our Payment Protection program in this Help article and these freelancer resources.