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Concerned about a job offer I have recieved


I am new to Upwork and still trying to feel my way around how this all works, so I was pretty excited when I got an interview oppurtunity. But some red flags have been raised and before i go any further with this offer i wanted to make sure it was legit. I have been contacted by **edited for Community Guidelines** and he is sending me funds to get supplies for the job they have hired me for. Then we see some information on a few scams that match this offer almost to a T. Is there a way to just make sure that this is a for sure thing. I would appreciate all the help and info anyone has on this

Community Guru

Hi Heather,

It doesn't look like the client has awarded you the job on Upwork so this certainly raises some red flags. I don't recommend proceeding and instead, please flag this job using the "Flag as Inappropriate" link from the job post. 

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Community Guru

Heather, this is a scam. It is the most common scam we see these days.

There is no money to be made here.


You could have your Upwork account suspended or permanently terminated for agreeing to receive money outside of Upwork like this.

Let's put aside the fact that this is a very common scam.

Let's not talk about this scammer "client."


What is more important at this time is the fact that you were willing to accept money outside of the Upwork platform. This is a violation of one of Upwork's three most important rules.


If you are using Upwork, you may not accept money outside of Upwork. Not for a bonus. Not for payment for work done. Not for expenses. Not for any reason.


There are other rules that you do not yet know about.

There are rules that those of us who are experienced know about, and those rules protect us from getting scammed.

Community Guru

Hi Heather,

It doesn't look like the client has awarded you the job on Upwork so this certainly raises some red flags. I don't recommend proceeding and instead, please flag this job using the "Flag as Inappropriate" link from the job post. 

ok so i just want to clarify a few things. Like first i havent recieved any money. I was contacted in my messages on this site by **Edited for Community Guidelines**. She is the one who gave me the information of who was interested in interviewing me. It was my first time being contacted by anyone and I am still working through how all this works, what the rules and stipulations are, hpw to write a proposal and so on. I was told after the interview conducted by **Edited for Community Guidelines** that they would send equipment needed to perform the job accurately as well as a payment to purchase the rest of what I would need. After discussing all this with my father we decided it best to ask on here since they weren't asking me for any of my personal information but it did raise red flags with us. How am I suppose to know who is a legit client and who is not if either can message you on this site. I dont want to make any mistakes that cause such reprecussions both personally and professionally.



It's very important that you don't accept or make any payments outside of Upwork and don't start working for a client without an active contract under My Jobs tab. Please, check this post and especially the "Safety First!" section for more tips and best practices.

~ Valeria

So I just want to make sure I understand correctly in order to not make the same mistake again. Anyone, not just those from Upwork, can post in the messages i receive on this site and offer me an "interview"? Is that correct? And if it is how do we figure out which offer is real and which is a scam or bogus? I am sorry I broke any rules for this site. If I did it wasn't knowingly. I wasnt aware and random person could message my Upwork account with "job offers".  Working from home is the only option I have right now being a single mom of 3 and one is special needs. That is why I checked this site out and am thrilled to have built a profile on here for work. So believe me when I say I didnt realize I waws breaking any rules especially any that could cause me to lose my account here. I just want to have a 100% clear understanding of how to determine which is which. I need work and probably in my eagerness I lost that inner voice that shoots up red flags when something is out of pocket, but honestly nothing this individual said or questions they asked seemed abnormal. I just want to be able to find an honest job, support my family and build better and more efficient skills along the way. I understand what each of you has said, but I am still not sure how I am suppose to just know who is legit and who isnt when anyone can message your Upwork account with offers. This wasnt a job I had found, they found me so to speak. 

I just looked at my proposals that have been archived, and now I am beyond confused. The one I have been asking about is the first one I have in there and it says it was denied by client, but they were sending me IM on hangouts telling me what to expect with the job, congratualted me on joining the company, so on and so forth. I could really use some assistance in clarifying all this for me. Sorry to sound like a broken record I just dont want to go through this again

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Heather,


Please stop communicating with this client as they were already removed from Upwork two days ago for violating Upwork ToS. Note that clients with a registered Upwork account can send you a job invite or a job offer without having received your proposal first. Please go through the resources Valeria shared in order to be able to recognize suspicious activity and familiarize yourself with Upwork processes and best practices.


Oh boy. You're like a scammer's dream. Read everything you can on here. Nobody promising "work from home" stuff here is legit. They are all scammers. Nobody cares where you work.

ok, well all this was super helpful. Back to the job hunt.