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Concerns on Payment Using Credit Card

We are planning to hire some freelancers for some tasks that we posted.  However, there are some concerns on payment via credit card.  We hope you can clarify on our concerns before we proceed to register our card details.  Most of our tasks will be at fixed rate (not hourly).

  1. Will Upwork directly charge our card to put into Escrow once we choose to hire someone?
  2. Why is the credit card CVC needed to be registered into Upwork? Can we choose to trigger the payment?  We'd prefer that we have control over the payment.
  3. Will there be a Transaction Access Code (TAC) sent to our phone so that we are aware that a charge is being attempted on our card? FYI, we prefer to get TAC for every payment transaction so that we can only authorize payments that we are aware of.
  4. Apart from PayPal and Credit Card, are there any other payment methods that you can accept for international clients? 
  5. Any bank account no and bank details that we can get? 
  6. Any way we can do International Wire transfer to Upwork?

Hello there,


Thank you for your message. I see that you have already initiated a support ticket for the same inquiry here and the team has already responded to you. I would be still happy to answer your queries here: 
1. The charge on your card depends on the type of contract you initiate with the freelancer. For Hourly contracts, you will be invoiced for logged hours during the previous week on every Monday. This is charged automatically to your default billing method. You will have until Friday during the same week to dispute any issues with the logged hours. You can also set a Recurring weekly billing payment or pay bonuses manually on top of logged hours. For Fixed price contracts, you can pay your hired freelancer as a one-off payment or divide the payment into milestones.

2. Your card details need to be registered on Upwork to complete automatic payments.

3. We do not offer TAC approval but we do have different payment types based on their contracts.

4. Check out this help page for available billing methods.

5. Payment to hired freelancers cannot be done via bank transfers or Wire transfers to Upwork.


Please don't hesitate to follow up on your support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern.


Thank you


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