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Confused by payment method

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Patrizia P Member Since: May 26, 2021
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Hi! I hired by hour and when the job got done, I went ahead and thought I paid the bill.  The screen that appeared at the time allowed me to enter the amount manually, which I thought it was weird because the platform said in the videos that the money would be escrowed and released when the job was accepted. Anyways, I was worried about getting the freelancer paid, and went ahead and introduced the amount. The cathegory said "bonus" and I clicked ok. 


In my bill it appears then that I got charged double.  However, the freelancer showed me his payments and he only got one. So maybe I didn´t get double charged.


I would love to try and get hold of someone who could help me verify this for me? thanks! first time using upwork...

Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Patrizia,


I checked and it does look like you sent a bonus payment to your freelancer. Please know that Hourly Contracts are billed based on the Weekly Billing Cycle. This means you are automatically invoiced for the hours your freelancer worked during the week, the following Monday. Your freelancer may not yet be able to see the funds available on their account as the hours are still in the Review Period. Hourly Payment Protection allows you to review your freelancer's Work Diary during this time and dispute the freelancer's hours if needed. Please check out this help article to learn how to file a dispute.