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Confused with some norms of Upwork

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Amreen K Member Since: Dec 29, 2015
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Is it okay for beginners to work with someone here and learn and get experienced and then earn or is it against policy? 


Can someone help/assist me in make myself better in skills of Admin support or Writer and translator? 


Or hire me the seniors for assistance in their works to help in their work pressure and I will get the opportunity to gain experience.


Thank you in advance.

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Amreen K Member Since: Dec 29, 2015
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Upwork is full of material to learn and earn but being a beginner I sometimes get confused very easily as Upwork is full of lots of diverse tabs , blogs and pages. 


So what should I do for best use of it and learn as much as possible?


I mainly want explore in beginning and work for Admin support and Writers and translation but being a beginner I feel sometimes less confident so I would like to get in touch with senior or experienced of these fields. 


Thank you



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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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@ Amreen --


(1) Your profile is not public, so please change that. No one would consider taking you on/taking you under their wing until and unless they knew what you had to offer.


(2) It is unlikely in any case that a "senior" freelancer would want to do this. This site is not set up for people who want to take on what amounts to basically an intern. But, then again, I cannot speak for everyone.


(3) You may be qualified to translate into your native language (clearly not English), but I assume that you do not intend to offer either translation services or writing services in English. You are nowhere near ready to do so, and it is not easy to imagine how long-distance work (over the internet) would make you ready to offer such services.


(4) A Google search shows that the photo you are using appears to be a stock photo. If it is not an actual picture of you, yourself, you need to replace it with a photograph of you, yourself. To leave a fake picture in place is a violation of Upwork's terms of Service.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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I'd suggest you study resources that are already available before you get started. This post has a lot of them listed already. Please, note that it's important for you to complete your profile in line with Upwork ToS. It needs to accurately represent your identity, skills and experience. Your profile photo has to be an actual photo of you. The team will follow up with you directly about that.

~ Valeria
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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol fake pic


dude behind the screen, bros