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Confusion about payment and payment dates



I have a couple of clients and I make it a point to only withdraw my earnings every 10th and 25th of the month. Hence, my earnings are combined from previous weeks.


Here's where's my confusion kicks in.


Where can I check how much of my total available funds are from which specific week?


For example, I have $500 currently available. How can I know how much of those $500 were from May 31 - June 6?

I am so sorry, the Billing Reports just confuses the hell out of me. For example, I was expecting this amount but when I receive the funds it was lower than expected, even after the fees.


Thank you!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Arian,


To view when your funds are received on your end go to Reports > Transactions. Here you can also view for hourly contracts when you have earned the funds, as the week period will be noted in the description of the invoice.

When you're working on hourly contracts, the funds will be available to your account after our 5 days security period is finished.

If something is still confusing, please share more details here. Thank you.

~ Goran



Yes, still super confused.


There's just a lot of "numbers" on the report and I think the Billing Report system needs to be simplified. All I wanted was to know how much I earned for a specific time period, how much are the total after all the fees are deducted, and to know the breakdown of my available funds 😞


This is so confusing because I don't know if my funds were missing or if it was pending, or what not.

Hi Arian,


To view your earnings per week go to Reports > My Reports > Weekly Summary. Here you can select specific weeks to view your earnings per client and per day.

You can also use our Billing & Earnings section under the Reports tab to the total earnings by client, lifetime earnings, or your earnings for a specific date range.


Once your clients are charged the freelancer service fee will be applied and you will receive the remaining funds. You can view the total charge for the freelancer service by going to Reports > Transaction. Thank you.

~ Goran

So the week ends on a Sunday, yes? I had a fixed-payment job that was approved last June 6, so the amount should have been credited to me last Wednesday, but it doesn't show up. How can I verify this?

Hi Arian,


If your client has approved your milestone on June 6, the funds should be available on your account after our 5 days security period is finished. 

Please share the contract ID or title with me via PM (click on my name) so that I can check the details. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks! Sent you a message.

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