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Connects. What do they look like? Where are they?

Connects seem to be both contacts and currency. I'm mystified about how they can be both.

I joined Upwork and didn't do anything on the platform for more than a year. I don't think I have any Connects. If I did, where woudl they be?

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You use connects to apply for jobs. Jobs cost between 1-6 connects to apply for. When you click to send your proposal, the amount of connects it will cost and how many you have left should be displayed on the right of your screen with other information. 


I am not sure where they are stored in your account but you are supposed to get 40 free when you join and then you get 10 more every time you make it to interview. I believe you can purchase more pretty cheaply, but I haven't had to yet.


I personally like this system, your really great bid wont get drowned out by 2000 others, clients are not inundated with inappropriate bids. You think carefully about what you bid on and spend your precious connects on. Its a clever way to weed the garden 🙂 


I hope this has helped you!

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Maybe you left the door open and they ran out? (You should have tons of them since you get free ones every month.)

Before you start applying, make sure you know everything about how this platform works, especially how to be aware of scams. You will find a lot of information in this forum. 

I thought free connects were only for Pro members? Do non-paying members get free ones every month as well? 

Jessamy M wrote:

I thought free connects were only for Pro members? Do non-paying members get free ones every month as well? 

You receive 10 connects every month (shown as "Monthly Connects renewal" in connects history).
And 10 if you receive a reply to a proposal and you reply in turn (I think up to a limit of 50 per week)

Plus members don't get free connects because they pay for them. 

Haha! Good point! I assume that Pro members get more connects though? 

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Still a bit mystified about what Connects actually are. Do they have content? What do they look like? Why are they called Connects? 

You might be overthinking this, or pulling our collective legs. 

They are called this because they are the virtual currency to connect freelancers with clients. If you need a visual, imagine them as little green mice trying to hide from you when you don't use them wisely. 

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Hi Jane,


When you find a project you're interested in, you can use Connects to submit a proposal. Proposals are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential client and show off some of your skills and experience.

You can also check out this guide, to learn more about Connects and how it works. Thank you.


~ Goran
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