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Connects reimbursement

Hi there,


I am new to Upwork and still learning, so hope my question will make sence. 


Couple of days ago I submitted a proposal for 3 job posts in total, and today I can only see that I have 2 of them active.

Am not sure if my proposal was rejected by the prospective employer or they have canceled it, but I am sure I haven't withdrawned it.

I have not recieved any connects back, and was wondering if I should expect return of the same or how does it works?


Thank you 🙂 

Community Member

Read this


It answers your questions about connects.  The outstanding proposal not listed in "active" should have been moved to "inactive".  Reasons are found in that article.  Unless the job post had a blue dot next to it, it was cancelled by the client or Upwork removed the post because it violated its TOS, you will not get back your connects.  


I strongly urge you read all of the materials available to new freelancers before you start your first project.  Also read through common questions posted here on the forum.  Knowledge is power. 


Good luck!

Thank you 

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