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Re: Connects

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Arsalan H Member Since: Sep 30, 2019
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Hello everyone! 

I'm a bit confused about the connects system, If I submit a proposal to a project and don't get hired do I get my connects back? 

To elaborate, if the job owner hires 1 person from 10 proposals, do the other 9 get their connects back? 

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Muhammad H Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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You don't get back any connect back if you don't get hired. 

If the client hires only one freelancer then all others would lose their connect.

Well, you only get connects back if the client discards/cancels the job.

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Mary Grace R Member Since: Nov 30, 2020
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This is also my concern. I hope that Upwork will return our Connects if they didn't hire us in a month.

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German O Member Since: Jan 10, 2021
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This is also my question, What if client does not hire anyone for a month ? or what If someone just posting job but does not have really Intention to hire anyone.