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I'm new to Upwork. I don't understand connects? Could anyone explain to me how it works? And what do I have to do to apply for any work?


Total upwork connects is 60. Each job contain 2 connects. After one month Your connects renew. For applying on job you should make attractive cover letter. Apply only on those job you think you can do.

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Community Manager

Hi Suhasini,


A connect is what you use to bid on jobs and send proposals. The free basic plan comes with 60 connects a month and the plus plan comes with 70 connects plus some other features which you can read about here. 

You will need to complete your application and submit it for a review, our team will finish the review in up to 24 hours and contact you with the results. 

Please read this help article for more information how to create 100% complete profile on Upwork

~ Bojan
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