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Contest Upwork's Reason not to provide Hourly Payment

Hello everyone,


Last Friday the client's bank account had some issues and as a result our contract was suspended. I'd accumlated a good sum of hours up until Friday. Today I receive an e-mail that Upwork has "reviewed my account" and deemed that I am not eligible for payment protection. The reason they give is: "Manual Time & Low Activity."



1) I've tracked my hours using the Time Tracker with regularly updated memos;

2) No manual time was added;

3) My activity was not low at all (see reference image);

4) My ID is verified.


Can an Upwork employee please look into this, or could someone explain how I can contest their reasoning.


Thank you in advance.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Fouad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it seems that you already created a support ticket regarding your concern. Please allow more time for our team to review your case and respond accordingly to your ticket. You will be notified of their response.


~ Nikola
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