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Qasim A Member Since: Sep 26, 2018
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I am a Professional Architectural Engineer and I work on a lot of software but there are many people out there who actually work as draftsman and can produce better images and software models than me but they lack all the necessary considerations that only an Engineer can understand.

How do I convince my clients that although looks are important but the quality of work lies in considerations like lighting, acoustics, structural integrity,etc.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Qasim, I know nothing about architectural engineering, but I notice that your 2 portfolio pieces only show plans. It seems to me your portfolio would be more effective if the plans were accompanied by exterior and interior photographs of the structures after they were built. Perhaps the interior cannot be photographed but surely photographing the exterior would be permitted.

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Lila G Member Since: Dec 4, 2017
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Hi Qasim,


I am in the architecture industry and not sure what you're complaining about. You already know what to say which was your last sentence, there is no magic/convincing paragraph. Writing out to client’s proposal should be based on that job posting and how you can best assist them - not trying to undermine other freelancers. The first problem is that you are compering yourself to other freelancers, in specific draftsman’s. If your best skill is understanding the engineering process, then lead with that instead of trying to be both. Secondly, your summary is all 'I''s and listing software that most client don’t have any idea about. Also, what does president of different societies have anything to do with architectural engineering? Lastly, your portfolio should show more of your engineering work - and dont have .rar attachments just place everything in JPEGs so the client can easily view this without dowloading large files. 


Hope that helps,

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Qasim A Member Since: Sep 26, 2018
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Thanks a lot for you response and it was really helpful.

I understand that putting JPEG files is better than rar. ones and I do admit my portfolie should be stronger than what I have right now.

And just to clarify, my intension is not to undermine other free lancers, I believe cooperation is the way to go and I am a person who enjoys to see others growing and prospering in whatever field they are in, I just wanted to ask what would be the right way to represent myself in the market and I think I have got my answer, thanks a lot for your honest opinion.

Stay Blessed.