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Created the new Client account correctly, but can't post

Hello, I'm still using this temporary account (still have to find the close account button), to explain what I've done.


I created correctly the Client account in the Team tab. Now I can switch between the two accounts, but I still can't post messages in the Community Forum (means here).


I can't open new topics or reply to messages. I'm sure there's an error because I've seen others with profiles rejected posting here with no issues.


Please someone can unlock the account at least to write in the forum? Profile is

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


many thanks for your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Manuel,


I checked your second account and can confirm that you're unable to post in the Community from it since that option is available only to freelancers whose profile has been approved. Please refer to the notification you received on the second account and the information our team provided on your open support ticket on the account you're posting from. Feel free to continue communicating with our team through your open ticket but do let us know here if you have further questions.

~ Vladimir
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