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Customer support

How do you get a hold of customer support? The stupid chat bot says someone will contact me snd several weeks have gone by and no contact despite several request. There's no phone number. How do you get help? Upwork gas been taking money from client but they're not giving it to me. It's been 4 weeks of them taking money from client and giving me 0 if it to my account. AM I missing something or is upwork just stealing my money. I thought this was a legit site...but starting to look like thats not the case now.

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Upwork isn't stealing your money, so yes, you must be missing something. When you look under "Reports - Overview" what do you see there?


Hi Michael,


Apologies for the delay as our support teams are currently experiencing a higher number of contacts than usual. Rest assured the team will address your concerns and questions via the ticket as soon as possible. You can check here or your email for updates.
Please avoid creating several tickets or posts for the same concern so that the team could assist you more efficiently. We seek your patience and utmost understanding while sorting this out for you. Thank you!
~ Arjay
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If the client's payment could have been processed, you would have received it. Upwork does not take money from clients and keep it for themselves. 

In the case that the client never paid upwork, or initiated a charge-back, upwork has no money to process, even if it looked like it landed on your account. It never did. 

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Upwork stole over 3k from me and my client. This platform is a scam designed to steal from hard working freelancers and honest clients and then charge you 20% for the pleasure of scamming you.

re: "Upwork is stealing money from freelancer"


It sounds like you had a disappointing experience.

But by way of providing accurate information:

Upwork is not stealing money from a freelancer.


It sounds like something happened which you do not understand.

But you did not provide any information about what happened, so we can't really address your situation and tell you what happened, and tell you what to do next.


re: "Upwork stole over 3k from me and my client."


This is a factually incorrect statement. Upwork did not steal over 3k from you and your client.


If you would like to provide some additional details, we can tell you what happened.


re: "This platform is a scam designed to steal from hard working freelancers and honest clients and then charge you 20% for the pleasure of scamming you."


This is a factually incorrect statement.

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Is it related with something in here?

As previously stated, Upwork definitely did not steal money from you or your client. Would you like to share what actually happened so that we could shed some light on the situation, or just keep up the futile ranting?

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