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Customer wants sample of prior work but I don't have any and would rather not show them

Hi All,

I have made two proposals and both parties are asking for samples of work from previous projects, I guess to get a feel for my experience level. This is for database / analysis / reporting work. My issue is the only samples I would have available to share immediately are none! Because most of my experience has been as a programmer analyst working with either proprietary, financial or medical data. So for obvious reasons this data is sensitive and why I and probably most of you have had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Even without that I would never distribute any data from any company I've worked on period! So, I suppose I could create some reports from test data, or obfuscated, de-identified production data, but that tends to be time consuming and as a newbie freelancer one thing I already know for sure is delivering a quality product that meets the requirement in a timely manner. I don't want to be rude and put off a potential customer, but I won't distribute sensitive data.

Any ideas on this? I'd really appreciate some feedback and suggestions for how to proceed from this point.


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