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Data entry

I want data entry work online offline
Give me work
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Here on Upwork, you have to find the clients and tell them why you would be the best person for the job. They might pick you, but most likely, it will be a while before you get your first job. It takes most of us a long time to get our first job. And there are so many freelancers in data entry, so be patient and only apply to jobs got know for sure you can do. Don't apply to every job.

Good luck to you.

Edited to add that you need to spend some more time on your profile. You have no information about your skills or why you are able to help clients in this field. You need a very good description. The first two lines are the ones the clients see when you submit a proposal. They'll also only see the first two lines of your proposal, so in both cases, you have to try to hook the client in two lines.
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Hello Md,


Welcome to Upwork! Kindly read the following articles to help you have a successful career here on Upwork:


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Thank you and good luck!

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