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Declaring taxes in Brazil (as MEI)



I'm new to Upwork and have landed a few jobs. I'm Brazilian, currently living in Brazil, and a MEI. How would I declare these payments? Do I need to file a NF every month? Or is it only necessary to declare annually?


I'm looking for other Brazilians who have been using Upwork as a source of income for a while. I saw another thread about this but it didn't clear up my doubts. 



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I am with same doubt, so comenting here to up topic and follow-up.


In additition I guess MEI is not enough for high gains, so what about declaring taxes as standard CNPJ in Brazil?

If you need information about how to declare your taxes properly, it would be a good idea to hire an accountant. Even if another Brazillian freelancer happened to see your post and told you exactly what to do, would you really want to trust a total stranger to give you such important advice? You could end up paying a huge penalty if you get it wrong.

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