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Delayed Job feed

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Ali Naeem A Member Since: Jan 7, 2019
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I'm new to upwork but from last night i'm having the most annoying problem , that my job feed is showing jobs posted 1 hour ago and older than one hour. What is the problem with it and what is the solution.


Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Ali, 

I checked your account and can see that the latest job post on your feed was posted around 30-40 minutes ago. When I searched for a job by using a specific keyword, the most recent jobs showed up on the search results. I would recommend that you save a job search by clicking on the "Save Search" button so that jobs that use the same keyword will automatically populate your job feed. 

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Mahamudul H Member Since: Nov 22, 2014
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Hi Ali Naeem!


Welcome to Upwork! I think, there's nothing wrong to see some jobs that are posted even a day ago.


There a lot of Upwork client who doesn't hire a contractor instantly.  They take their time to select the right freelancer for their project. Even sometimes they just post a job on Upwork and gets busy with his business and then they check it later. If you find a job you project and you think you're a good fit for that job then send a proposal even if it is posted a few hours ago. You have a chance to win that project if you believe, you're the one your client should hire.


Stay active on the platform to see latest jobs on your job feed. I think, this is really really important to be succeed on Upwork.


If you'd only like to see the jobs you might love on your job feed you can watch this great video from Upwork to learn about How to Set Up Your Job Feed on Upwork


You can also check out THIS awesome playlist by Upwork. I hope It will help you to stay ahead in your journey on Upwork.


Best Regards,

Mahamudul Hasan