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Desktop app time tracker

I am going to download the desktop app of upwork so that I can have the time tracker. I want to ask the difference between beta and standard version? Thanks
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Retired Team Member

Hi Josephine,


Our standard version gets less updates while our beta version is updating more often and you will receive new features a little bit faster. Thank you.

~ Goran


When it comes to performance, do the standard and beta versions differ? 

Hi Jenny,


Both Desktop app versions operate in the same way and there's no difference in the output between them.

~ Vladimir

Thank you

Just asking because on my desktop is the standard version and the beta on
mu laptop.

Thanks for sharing the context Jenny. While the two versions are being updated at a different pace, they will log time and track your activity in the same way and you shouldn't see any difference in this respect. What might differ are certain options or layout changes our team might implement in the beta version before they are included in the standard one, but the process of taking random screenshots and tracking your activity is the same on both versions. Have you noticed any small changes before in the beta version, in case you're logging time on both your desktop and laptop? Would love to hear your feedback in case you noticed them previously.

~ Vladimir

I usually use my desktop to work hence the standard version. And just
recently downloaded the beta version on my laptop and used it for an hour.
Haben't noticed any difference when it comes to tracking time and taking

Thanks for sharing your experience thus far with using the beta version Jenny! Feel free to follow up if you have any feedback going forward.

~ Vladimir

Yes, will do! Thanks for the replies too!
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