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Did I do work outside of Upwork? Customer unresponsive

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Lisa E Member Since: Mar 9, 2017
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I've been doing a few hourly and fixed price jobs for the past couple of months and I know I've made some mistakes. I took a low-paying job to get experience with WordPress (not smart) that turned out to be much more involved than the client explained.


However, he asked me to log in to their website to access the rough drafts of the blog posts that had to be reviewed and proofed (he meant completely rewritten). Fast forward through the long, involved process that never seemed to end... and eventually the post was uploaded to their clients' websites and prepared for publication.


Does that count as working outside the system?


Part 2 of this is that I was supposed to do 10 posts as part of my contract, yet I only had access to 8; therefore my contract is unfulfilled. I cannot Submit my work. Wanting to finish the work and get a good rating, I have contacted the client and he said he would check on the additional posts, but that was 3 weeks ago. Should I end the contract? Honestly, the fee was so low it doesn't even matter about the money at this point. I just want to avoid making these mistakes again.


Thanks for your help!


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Does that count as working outside the system?"




When we talk about "working outside the system," what we really mean is getting paid outside of Upwork.


Virtually all work is done off of the Upwork platform, because Upwork does not provide a platform for doing work. It provides a platform for clients to meet freelancers and then pay them. That's all.

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Lisa E Member Since: Mar 9, 2017
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Thanks very much!

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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The way to answer this question is to ask yourself how upwork makes money. That's what they will be concerned with. They make money when you take payments here. They don't give a frog's flying fat butt what you do as long as your are generating revenue through the site. So, if you have escrow and you get paid for the work (I would put in for the escrow personally) then they will be OK.

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Lisa E Member Since: Mar 9, 2017
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Yes, I have learned that verified payment and escrow are very important. In this case, the client didn't provide me with the number of posts to complete the contract AND the work was not something I could submit via Upwork. So I know of no way to gracefully complete or end this job. I suggested a pro-rated payment but have gotten no feedback from the client. Again, I don't care about the money at this point (and it is so small that Upwork shouldn't either) - it is about the process and the gosh darn principle! The money is there - I just can't get it.