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Different owner logos at Portfolio is allowed?

Hello. I don't have any docs from my last job. I am new at upwork and freelancing! I read the rules and I need some help!

Different logos than I owned is not allowed to add to portfolio from what I read. Yet I want to add some online docs and forms samples, which requires me to use services of other brands such as Google and some others on that field. Is it required for me to hide their brands in my portfolio as well? Another question is about adding links to portfolio. For client to see the live example of a online doc or a form. Is it allowed too, or else, I need to add as screenshots in pdf or have to upload vids to YouTube?

Thank your for your time of reading this and helps foreahead 🙂

Kadir K.
Energy Systems Engineer
Virtual Administrator/Assistant

Hi Kadir,


I checked with the team and they have confirmed that it would be best for you to reach out to the brand directly and ask for their permission. You might also want to check this help article for more information about adding portfolio items to your profile. 

~ Joanne
Community Member

Your portfolio needs to consist of work that you've actually done yourself, so if you have nothing from your previous job that you're allowed to use, you can create samples of spreadsheets etc., using made-up data. I would also advise improving your profile overview, as it's too short and doesn't "sell" you at all; listing a bunch of services with no real area of expertise isn't the best approach to take, since there are thousands of data entry and admin freelancers already on Upwork and not enough clients to hire all of them. (Also, you've misspelled "Excel".)

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