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Difficulty in finding customers

Hi everyone,
I am a new freelencer on this platform and I am finding some difficulties in finding clients;
I am aware that it takes time to build a reputation as a freelencer, so I am applying for underpaid jobs ($5-$10).
I have created my profile carefully, use more Connect in my applications (when possible), and have included a portfolio with different types of work in my profile.
At the moment I've only completed one job, after making more than 50 requests, and by the way the client wouldn't leave me any reviews.
I'm starting to think the problem lies in my cover letters, even though I take care to read job proposals carefully to create appropriate proposals.
I've left a sample cover letter below, with a corresponding job proposal.
I would be happy to receive your opinions and advice, thank you all!
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Your proposal text is much too long, and only talks about yourself. Focus on the client. Don't call anybody hiring manager, that's not a common term. Don't apply to low paying jobs, they do nothing for your profile. 

Thank you very much, your advice will surely be very useful to me!

I would try an intro paragraph, bullet point your offerings an a simple closing paragraph.I


I would also charge $35 per hour.   

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I definitely agree with Martina: your proposal is too long and does not include language that will interest clients.


I'm going to be blunt here: the freelance market is oversaturated with newbie freelancers who claim to be writers or editors. If you want to stand out from all of those people, you'll need to showcase your skills from the first moment.


To be honest, from looking at your proposal letter, I would have never guessed you were working as a copywriter, since your writing quality was not really meeting the level of what I would consider a professional copywriter. If you'd like to continue in this field, I strongly suggest that you seek out resources and education to help you become a better writer. There are tons of free resources and discount classes out there. There are even professional writers that offer discounted consultations for newbies. 


I would also recommend seeking out resources for freelancers as well, since the way you're approaching things is more from an employee standpoint. Freelancers need to do things differently. There are tons of podcasts, blogs, and books available. UpWork also has lots of valuable information, if you feel like exploring the site. 


Finally, I would advise working on your proposal template: make it more concise and make sure it's clear what kind of benefits you are offering the client. Ideally, keep things as short as possible and, instead of filling up your proposal with all of that information, make sure that your profile is complete (including your portfolio). This way, clients who are less choosy won't have to read a long letter before they decide whether or not to hire you; they can just look at your primary experience and your rate. Then, if they do want more information, you can refer them to your profile.


Perhaps try something like this: 




I would be happy to help you with this project. In addition to my {Primary Experience}, I also have extensive experience in {Something Related to the Project}


If you'd like more information on my experience with {Type of Project}, please review my {Profile/Job History/Portfolio}. I believe that my history with {Particular Job or Project} will be especially valuable to you. 


I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Vittoria C.

Content Writing Specialist




I know that this was a lot to take in, but try not to be discouraged. You can do this, but it's not something you can do with half effort. 




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