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Do I need to create an Escrow account?

Do I need to create an Escrow account separately from the Client account I have in Upwork? I ask, because I've never paid a freelancer before, and I have a freelancer I want to hire. I just wanted to clarify everything before I hire her. 

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You don't need to create an escrow account.


If you hire a freelancer to work on a fixed-price contract, you will make a payment to fund the first milestone. The escrow activity is all handled automatically by Upwork.


Note that clients who have used it a few times find using fixed-price contracts VERY EASY TO USE.



The fixed-price contract model IS more complex than the hourly contract model.


If you are apprehensive about the escrow concept, or about hiring on Upwork in general, then I advise you to start with an hourly contract for your first time hire.


When you do so, set the maximum hours per week setting to: 2.


Tell the freelancer you hire that this is your first time hiring. Tell her that after she does some work, she needs to send it to you so you can look at it. Then you will increase the hours.

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