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Do I really need two-step verification?

I just logged in (I haven't signed out in a long time), and it told me that I need to add two-step verification or I will lose access to various features "soon". I tried adding my phone number but it wouldn't send me a message (Canadian number - Freedom Mobile carrier). Maybe I should do the authenticator app thing instead?


Though honesty I'm not a fan of two-step verification at all. What happens if I want to change my phone number, change/lose my phone etc.? I shouldn't have to worry about a billion websites with this feature. I've already removed 2FA from virtually everywhere, except my bank account (because it physically won't let me). I have a strong password and a security question. The likelyhood of someone breaking into my account is extremely low, unless a leak happens, and they'd still have to guess the security question. My email address too has a very strong password and is mutually dependant on another email (different provider), once again with a very strong password.


If I absolutely have to add 2FA, sure, whatever. Anyone know why it wouldn't send me a text message though? Could it be because Freedom Mobile is not one of the "super large" Canadian phone carriers? I remember having this issue once before a few years ago, verifying on another site (luckily just 1 occurance), and that's what they told me the reason was. Or maybe it's temporary outage or something.If not, I will just do the authenticator thing like I said, but just curious.

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