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Do you have a UK contact number?

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Hi Lata, 

We should be able to assist you here. How can we help you today?

~ Avery
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I want to know if you have any contact number of UK?

Hi Ans,


I will be happy to assist you here. How can I help you today?


Thank you,


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My client have refused to pay me for the work I have done and submitted 2 days ago I have been in contact with them on and off, but they still haven’t sent it after saying it will be sent immediately after completion which was the same day, may I please speak to an agent, and have a uk upwork contact number. 

Do you have a contract? Hourly or Milestone?


(Note: Your profile picture needs to be of you)

They sent me their telegram and spoke to me via there 

If you do not have an official contract on Upwork, they won't be able to help you, especially if you communicated outside Upwork (in violation of Upwork's Terms of Service).

It looks like you have been scammed. Make sure to review the Academy courses at the top of this page to learn how things work and to avoid following anything clients tell you to do. They don't care if their account or your account get suspended.

Is there a uk customer service number I can call to resolve this matter. I have been waiting for my payment for 2 days 

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If you just talked on Telegram and you have no contract, then you worked for free for a scammer who will never pay you.


For your own safety, familiarise with the rules (see the Academy section) and never, ever accept to take communication outside of Upwork, especially on Telegram which is the go-to channel for scammers.


Even if a UK customer service phone number existed, nobody can help you. You can just learn from this bad experience and avoid things like these from happening in the future.

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