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Does Upwork protect the Freelancers? I have a problem.

I said I have a problem, but even if it's gonna be solved, there's no guarantee that I will not experience it in the future. 

I finished a job, we agreed with a client that it's over, it seems he sent the money but because he didn't end the contract, the job is still seeming "in progress" and money transactions are "pending" so I couldn't get the money yet. Moreover, after almost two days of his offline status, the client now all of a sudden says "Can you do a last slight adjustment please, then I can close the job."

This is EXTREMELY frustrating because I've already done more than I should and I was supposed to give to the client one video but I sent tens of different styles and with the orders I've readjusted again and again and as the client describes, I kept improving the video edit. At last I sent 4 different styles and he was satisfied with two of them finaly. And after sending too much videos, he was satisfied even with more videos, now he is stipulating another slight adjustment after I've deleted all the file components since we are done. What is this seriously?

I wanna learn, if this client doesn't end the job, is there a way to prove to Upwork that the job has been done by me, and the client sent the money but the money is not on my side right now just because the client didn't end the contract?

I have proofs and I have consent for Upwork staff to check my messages with the last client if you guys have a right to check messages in case of these kinda quiries.

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It is always best to get the Client on the phone and work it out.


However, if you push the Client too much they could give you a bad Review.


If the Client has already paid, you can end the Contract and Upwork will offically close it in 2 weeks.

How can I end? When I read the replies on the forum, people say "the client must end"

I'm not pushing anyone. The job was done 2 days ago. Client and me were happily seperated and it was OVER. But the client didn't close the job and now he says "can you do a slight arrangement, then I can close the job" 

Who is pushing who? 

Click the "3 dots" and Close Contract is an option.


I have closed many Contracts because some of the clients disappear.

And yes he has sent the money, it seems on the transaction menu but as I learned from my researches on this forum the client must end. And are you serious about Upwork pays 2 weeks later? Just today someone said like 5 days and even it was too long for me.

Why there's too many misinformation on this website and why even this reply button is not practical I don't understand. It's so slow that I'm pushing accept as solution button after I push reply mistakenly.

The main difference of the money transaction duration derives from client close the contract or the freelancer? I mean do you say "I have a right to close the contract" if the client pushes me as well? Because after he sent the money, he asked more and I did until he got satisfied w the work, then he disappeared for two days. Today he asked more and said then I'll close. Right now I'm very very frustrated. 

So did I have a right to close the contract before he pushes me more? I just wondered. Patience is something is absent in my mood right now because I wanna apply more jobs and I'm TOTALLY broke and I CAN'T paid for what I've done already. I worked w this guy for 3-4 days until he got satisfied w the result, I made this with the cheapest price, yet still I can't get any solution. 

Upwork pays in 5 days and the client has 2 weeks to write a Review. At the end of 2 weeks, Upwork closes and nobody can do anything including a dispute.


Yes you can close the Job provided you have been already paid by the client. I have done it many times because some clients ghost.


If the client hasn't not paid, you will not want to close the Job because if you do, you will not get paid.

I understand. So I wondered specifically, after the client pay, do we have a right to close? Because that part actually exactly where the job finishes. The rest of it our hospitability.  I'm in difficult situation financially. You wouldn't imagine. But even for these amount of moneys, dealing with this much frustrating things are not being easy. The fee of Upwork, the necessity of the client must end the contract. All of these things are open to abuse me.

I'm learning that we also have a right to end the contract from you. So how that works, I mean after the client sent the money, is it available for us to end the contract? And it's been 3-4 days that the client has sent the money, if I end the contract now, will Upwork pay in 1-2 days or 5 days as standard?

And if we have 2 weeks to do these actions, how this dispute things work? In what situations should I use?

Yes you have the right to close after the Client has paid. I have done it many times.


The only risk is that the client could give a bad Review.


I have never received a bad Review by closing, but 100% of the time they just skip the Review on their side, however it is always a risk.

I understand. 

Btw I have just tried to end the contract but there's no such option, I only have two options: 

Propose new contract
Propose new milestones

That's all. So confusing.

Ok I got into the job's own page. The options are these:

Propose a new contract
Give a refund
End contract

Am I at the right place? Should I choose the last one? It seemed to me always like if I choose to end the contract, it will seem like "I've done nothing" and I'll not get paid. 

So I guess I'm choosing this one. End contract. Let me try that. See what happens.

Are you sure you want to end this contract?

You’ll be prompted to provide feedback and make any final payments in the following steps.

It says like this so I'm again confused. 

Thanks for giving your time to reply me btw, you don't have to do that but you do. Thanks.

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