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Does a client blocks communication with you after an interview if you don´t get selected?

I've been in a couple of interviews so far after 3 months (I haven't been picked yet), and it has happened to me that after the first two or three questions the client no longer responds to my comments or questions anymore, even when he's online (green light).


Are they just ignoring me or do they just block the freelancer if they're not interested in him/her anymore? Sorry, but I'm just kind of frustrated...





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Hey there, Arturo...


Did they block you or are they ignoring you?


It doesn't matter.


They don't want to work with you.


If a potential client stops talking to you, it isn't an accident. She has heard enough from you already to make her decision. She has moved on. There is nothing to be gained from you thinking about that client any more.


And the green light?  You need to put that out of your head. Put a piece of tape over it if you need to. Don't cyber-stalk these people.

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