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Does a user account (as part of an agency) have limits on # of hours or clients?

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Albert N Member Since: Oct 15, 2021
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Hello Upwork community,


I posted a project and received a bid from the CTO of the agency. The agency is telling me that there is a limit in terms of how many hours that user account can work in a week. As a result, they have requested me to choose another user account and hire them instead, that is also associated with the agency.


I am pretty sure this limitation does not exist. Based on this Upwork documentation, the limits are set by the client per client, but that is only specific to the contract.


This is strange because we did a lot of research on the agency, including speaking with past customers, and they were positive.


I wanted to double check with this.



Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Albert,


That's right, weekly limits are set by each client on their contracts. That said, it may be the case that the specific freelancer is otherwise engaged with other projects and the Upwork time tracker does not allow tracking for more than one contract in the same time segment. I would advise you to discuss this further with the Agency to avoid any misunderstandings.


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Albert N Member Since: Oct 15, 2021
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Yes, but do individual user accounts have a limitation on how many hours or clients they can take on?

If so, that means I have to hire another user account from their agency, right? Then how do I guarantee that the reviews/ratings for the agency are legitimate?

Based on my understanding, UpWork takes snapshots of the reviews of the associated user accounts to the agency in 3, 6, and 12 month increments. Since it is a snapshot, it seems like the agency can drop a user account if there is a bad review, and it won't be included in the "snapshot". This seems like a flaw with the system because a snapshot does not capture everything that happens between in Months 1-2, 4-5, and 7-11.

Please let me know if I've mistaken, thanks.

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Albert N Member Since: Oct 15, 2021
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I just wanted to bump this and see if anyone knew the answer to this. Much aprpeciated.