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Does my JSS effect badly if I have 75% of client recommendation?

Hi, I need to confirm how often "Client Recommendation" updates in My Stats secondly my current JSS is 86% with 75% of client recommendations (which happened on Monday) after that I closed 3 more contracts with good client recommendations. So how it will affect overall? 


Does 75% client recommendation effect my JSS badly or it will recalculated again as 3 more contracts ended up. 



- Saira

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Can I get any response on this please from anyone??


Hi Saira,


Percentage of clients who would recommend you are clients who have indicated they would recommend you to others and it gets updated every several completed contracts. Some statistics won’t be visible until you have enough work history to calculate accurately.


Your JSS reflects your overall contract history with your clients and is based on your relationships and feedback. We don't reveal the exact calculation for your score because doing so would make it easier for some users to artificially boost their scores. To ensure fairness and accuracy in the marketplace, we need to maintain some privacy with this metric. I would also like to confirm that the recommendation rate depends on the feedback you're receiving from your clients.


Don't hesitate to check this help article to better understand how to manage your stats best.



~ Arjay
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