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*Edited* Can't talk to a real person only bots...

I'm new to Upwork and they have placed my account on suspention due to suspicios activity... I have no idea wht that activity was, but it seems they have banned me from this site. 


There's no way I could get to speak with/or email a real person, only bots... 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Bye Upwork! Good riddence. 

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Hi Joe,


I checked and see that our Trust & Safety team sent you a notification when your account was placed on hold earlier this months. You've just made a follow up on that ticket and they team will reply to it directly. Please, refrain from creating new accounts.

Thank you.

~ Valeria

why is there no one to speak to on support... just a bot?

Hi Graham,


I checked your account but was not able to replicate any problems about connecting to our Customer Support.
Feel free to post your questions here so that I can assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran, theres no record of any problems, because i wasn't able to find any support to connect with.

Horrid practice in my opinion. I have no idea why they've gotten so popular with some of their methods.... For all of the fees they're charging it shouldn't be this hard to speak to a live person!

Hi Khara,


You can access support options by clicking the Get Help button at the bottom of this page. But we're also here to help. Could you please share which process or feature you're having issues with and we'll assist here or have the appropriate team reach out and assist?

~ Bojan
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