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Edited. has been scamming people & Needs to be Stopped!

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Preston H wrote:

Chris, I am sorry if you had a bad experience while using Upwork, but you are mentioning many things which are not at all legitimate reasons for penalizing a client.


A client who hires freelancers to work for him is not "stealing marketing ideas."


A client is not obligated to continue working with freelancers that he hires. A client has the right to end a contract at any time. A client can not be penalized for shutting down a marketing campaign early.


A client can not be penalized or accused of being a scammer when a freelancer "over-delivers."


Upwork is governed by rules and contracts. If a client is violating Upwork rules, or breaking contracts, then those are things that can actually be reported.


If you were almost hired by somebody, but were not actually hired, then I really don't see what you are complaining about.

He is complaining about nobody wanting to pay his 745/hour rate, in spite of him telling clients that he has little time and they should hire him fast before all his time slots are filled - all of that without a single job to show. Hm.