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Re: *Edited*

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Rebecca W Member Since: Dec 6, 2016
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I've already been offered a job, but something seems fishy. Is

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

a legitimate client? They want me to send my contact info to a strange email address. No money or anything else.



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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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One big red flag.  Don't send contact information until you are officially hired and the job shows on the "My jobs" tab.  And even then, all they really might need is your email or a phone/ Skype.  Never give out personal information.


And ignore the client name.  Scammers often use the name of real companies and their real employees.

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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It is against TOS to mention client names in the forums.


If there is nothing listed under "My Jobs", then you haven't been hired. The client should be willing to discuss particulars through the site messaging system.


Freelancers and clients exchange emails addresses all the time, but only after you've been officially hired and all job ducks are in a row. Client's payment method is verified, money is in escrow for the first milestone, or you've agreed to an hourly rate and have downloaded the time tracker.


If you have not read up on how to work safely on this site, I suggest you do so before bidding on any more jobs. New freelancers are prime targets for scammers.

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Rebecca W Member Since: Dec 6, 2016
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Thanks for the responses. I didn't give out everything they asked for - nothing that was not public knowledge. I didn't realize about not mentioning the name, but I didn't spell it right at all.


I figured since they don't have the job listed anywhere on Upwork that I can find, it was a scam. 


Thanks, again.

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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You can see a great list of tips and warning signs in this thread: Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs. The post was written by Lena, an Upwork community moderator.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Rebecca,


It looks like the team has already taken actions against the job and the client you are referring to. You'll notice that the proposal has been archived. If you are communicating with them via Skype, email or any other means, please don't communicate with them any further.

~ Valeria
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I've already been offered a job, but something seems fishy. Is... a legitimate client?"




It is not acceptable for you to ask about specific clients by name.


For one thing, it is against Forum guidelines to do that. The names will be edited out or censored for Forum moderators.


Also, it is not helpful to ask such a question. Nobody maintains a ilst of "legitimate clients."


And when you ask a question like that, it shows that you do not understand how Upwork functions, and you do not understand how scammers work.


Clients are legitimate based on their behavior, not based on their name.

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Rebecca W Member Since: Dec 6, 2016
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Thank you to all who gave me useful information and didn't just tell me how ignorant I was. I had already done more research before the first answer was posted and tried to change some of it - like the name of the fictitious client - but was unsuccessful. 


I know much more now and I was not prey for the scammer. 


Thanks, again, for all the useful info, links, etc. It is refreshing to hear from people who care.