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Email Verification

Hi, one of my clients is having issues logging in to his Upwork account. He needs to update his payment method. He asked us to reach out to you, so he can fix the issue.


Here's what he said.


"Hello Ladies The problem is in my end. The credit card used for payments have expired. I'm trying to log in to update the card but it forces me to update my password. However the auto generated emails I'm supposed to receive for that is not getting through. So they effectively locked me out. I can only get in contact with support if I'm logged in so that is no help. Can any of you get in contact with their support and let them know about this issue?"


How can we fix it?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gizelle Anne, 

Are you referring to the client for the contract with Contract ID 29335736? If so, I have shared their concern with the Customer Support Team, and they will reach out to your client to assist them further.

~ Avery
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