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Ending the contract from my side

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Shirley A Member Since: Feb 20, 2017
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Hello all, 

I am new to upwork and I need your advice.

I had a contract on hourly basis, and I finished client request, send the file with a message and ended the contract.

My work diary which client can view shows the number of working hours and amount which I should get paid.

So, does ending the contract from my side and sending the file means that I lost my money? or it will eventually be paid but I have to be wait? 

Thank you very much 

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Martin B Member Since: Aug 16, 2015
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Hi Shirley


Did you submit a payment request before ending the contract? Normally I don't end a contract I let the client do that in case they want to use me again down the line. But if a client is happy with the work but doesn't pay within the first twenty four hours after the job is completed. I always then submit a payment request, that way even if the client forgets about you, you will still get paid atomatically withing 14 days.


Not sure if that answer helps you in this case but maybe it might help with your next few.




Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Martin,


Please note that the OP stated she was working on an Hourly contract, on which payments are processed differently than on Fixed-Price contracts you mentioned.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Shirley,


If your time was logged properly and the client's payment method is verified, your client will be billed for the time you spend working on this contract today, as per our weekly billing cycle. Please note that freelancers are advised to communicate with their clients and ask them to end the contract, rather than closing it themselves. The party that ends the contract is prompted to leave feedback and these approach will ensure you'll receive feedback from the clients who respond to your request.

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Martin B Member Since: Aug 16, 2015
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Shirley, Vladamir is correct my advice relates to fixed price contracts not hourly ones like this one. Hourly payments appear automatically at the end of each working week as pending payments on your Transaction history page.



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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Dear Shirley, 


Once you work through time tracker app, they would be sent to the client automatically on Monday morning. So no need to be confused. 


The client has option it to accept or dispute it if he/she is not satisfied with your work. Does not matter as well you end the contract or client. You will be paid through a Upwork hourly billing system. It will take seven days to get payment even after client approval.