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English Language Verification

Hi, community!


Upwork recognized me as a fluent English freelancer and gave me badge after checking the required essentials, According to the filters on the Upwork page freelancers who have the verified English badge should be shown first as the client filtered but it isn't showing as client filtered. Freelancers can put the English standard level as they wish but doesn't the Upwork have the responsibility to verify them before showing in search results. Even a freelancer has no verified badge he/she is being treated with who has the verified badge by putting simply as native or fluent. Then what is the badge value? All are being treated the same even they have a badge or not. It is very sad to freelancers who earned English proficiency by taking tests. Isn't it better to showcase freelancers who have the Engish badge when a client search for certain English standard freelancer? 


Kind Wishes,


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I don't think it was Upwork that 'recognized you as fluent English speaker', but the clients themselves while providing feedback.

I didn't know any freelancer should be more visible then the other one if they earned this badge.

I think the badge is only meant to show the clients that you are a fluent English speaker.

Do you have any source for your claims that you should come up in the top search?

Thanks for your post.

I think it looks like so good.

But I don't know how to do it.


Hi Meshak,


The Language proficiency level that you shared on your screenshot is available on every freelancer profile. This aspect of your profile can be updated according to your own truthful assessment of your English language proficiency.


You may want to check out this post to learn more about how freelancers can get an "English Verified" badge. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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Hello, unfortunately, I can't see this post. I wonder how clients can give me a verified English badge.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Victor, 

I understand you are looking to get information about being "English Verified" on your profile. You can do that by taking the new English Certification Test by Duolingo. You will be taking the test on Duolingo but can post the results on Upwork! Here are instructions to take the test:

  • Go to http://testcenter.duolingo.com.
  • Take the English certification test. It'll take 20 minutes and will incur a cost of $49. You'll need a valid photo ID and a webcam. It's available on Android, iOS, and Chrome desktops.
  • After taking the test, you can add it to your profile by clicking Share Certificate > Upwork.

Once done, you'll see a "Certification Badge" on your profile, and your English language proficiency will be marked "verified." Alternatively, getting rated by three distinct clients (when ending contracts) will also get you the badge.

~ Avery
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