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English Test Said I Already Had Taken It?

Hello all, when I tried to take the english test on Upwork it said that I had already taken it and cannot retake until April (see attached). I have not taken this test at all? I saw on other posts where it was suggeted to forget about taking this one there are plenty of other tests. But could there be something wrong with the software and this may happen on other tests? Any suggetions would be appreciated. John B.  

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Hi John,


Did you ever open it and close without finishing it? Or left it open for too long?

I considered doing the other day. I was at the link to start the test, but did not click it. 

Hi John, It could be the test has been clicked and was left for too long and it ended prematurely. There's a waiting period before you can retake the test. Please check this article on how you can troubleshoot if there are some issues in taking other Skill Test.

~ Jo-An

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