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Entering resume/cv

Hi i want to ask how to put my resume/cv in upwork thru my phone so that when i want to apply is easy for me. Thank you
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Community Manager

Hi Janice, 

Your Upwork profile serves as your resume/CV. You will need to complete your profile first before you are able to send out proposals to job posts within your job category. Please log in to your Upwork account on a desktop, or laptop computer, in order to complete your profile. 

You may refer to these freelancer resources our team has compiled for great tips on how you can create a unique, and competitive profile. 

~ Avery


Upwork's mobile app has some features that some clients and freelancers find useful, but it does not contain a full feature set. Not at all. It doesn't claim to.


So as the Forum Moderator said, you'll need to use Upwork through a full web browser.


Upwork even has its regular website modified so that only a limited feature set appears on a mobile device.


Technically, it IS POSSIBLE to adjust your mobile device's web browser's setting to act as a non-mobile browser, and thus display the regular "desktop" version of Upwork's website.


Personally, I find it too much of a hassle to deal with that, so I just prefer to use Upwork on a desktop computer to do anything substantive.


For most people and most types of work... I would say that if you're trying to do everything through a mobile device, your competitors will be glad.

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