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Error in profile submission

Hi! I am Hira Khalid. I have made the profile but the site doesn't accept my profile and gives me the error                    


"We've hidden your profile because it does not meet the following Upwork guidelines. You will not be able to submit proposals until these issues are fixed. Check these support messages for more details.

Please edit your profile and then resubmit for review"


I don't know what are the problems to be fixed as I didn't get any E-mail from this site or may be Email is sent to that ID which I have forgotten. Please help me so that I could work here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hira,


Please, update your profile title and overview and make sure you clearly describe what kind of service you are offering to Upwork clients. Right now, your title and overview are a bit confusing and vague.


~ Valeria