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Escrow refund charge question

We put an escrow of USD 200 i think plus your fee, correct me if I am wrong, what happenned is that the one we hired turned off the contract not starting even first milestone, then after he did not honour the contract you charged us 10 dollars or so from the refund please explain me this charge
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Roger, 

Could you please check your Transactions page (hover your mouse in your Reports tab, and click on the Transactions link from the drop-down menu), and let me know the Reference ID of the $10 charge you are seeing in your account? I checked your transactions and can see that you were credited for the service fees and the milestone that was charged in your first contract. 

On 4-January, your billing method was charged $100 for the first milestone of your new contract. Please let me know if you are referring to this charge. 

~ Avery
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