Excepting offer to freelance

I was offered a position to freelance with a company, they keep asking me where my bank is, I thought all payments are through Upworks, for security purposes and to cover my contract with them. I am not sure I am speaking with a legitamate person, and I am new to the process to accept jobs through upworks. Can anyone advise as to what to expect? I have looked for a contact person or chat with Upworks, but find nothing. 



thankful for any help,

Mrs. Hargrave


@Tina H wrote:

Can anyone advise as to what to expect?

You'll be scammed.


You should stop seeking jobs and read all the help material posted on this forum and in the help section. Once you understand how to use Upwork, only then you can safely work here.

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Good day to you, 

I did not seek this job, I received and email from Upworks stating I had an offer to interview, that I had to set up google hangout and had an interview this morning about a position with this company. I did not give out personal information other than name and address, so will "scammers" have my information as to my location or otherwise. 




Hi Tina,


I'm glad you came to the Community to check about it. It's a violation of Upwork ToS for the client to offer to pay outside of the platform and it's often a sign of scam. Please, check this post for more information about how to avoid questionable jobs and policy violations. 


I'll also have the team review the job you are referring to and take appropriate actions.

~ Valeria

I don't think they were to pay outside the upworks, they are stating they wish to send me a check to cover my purchase of their software to manage the position they offered me. they then request that I send them a reciept for the atm deposit? it sounded fishy to me, as well as the letter of acceptance was looking like a paste and copy deal. It had no signature private claimer or otherwise information of title from sender or the company logo looked also pasted and copied. This offer came through I believe Upwork, via email to except a interview via google hangouts?


Am I right to be suspicious? 




Tina Hargrave

@Tina H wrote:

I don't think they were to pay outside the upworks, they are stating they wish to send me a check

 Oldest scam in the book.


They send you a check, you deposit it, send the money to the "supplier" who is actually the scammer themselves, and a week or two later the bank takes the money back off you because the check was fake, and you're in very deep trouble.


Stop to think for a split second...... Who on god's wide earth would REALLY send thousands to a stranger on the Internet instead of just buying the (non existing) equipment themselves?



Just read this first (and then everything else): Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs


ETA: (Sorry Valeria - I just saw you have already suggested this.)

When you are new to Upwork, you can expect that all or most invitations that you get will be scams.  They target the newcombers.  Be sure you read all the information available about how Upwork works and how to avoid scams.

thank you Mary I will re-read the information again. 



Tina Hargrave

Tina H wrote:
I don't think they were to pay outside the upworks, they are stating they wish to send me a check


Tina, anyone who sends you a check *is* paying you outside Upwork and is violating Upwork ToS. The check of course will bounce if you deposit it, but even so it's payment outside Upwork.

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