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Exclusive members Problem

Could you please explain why I cannot send a proposal from the name of a freelancer (who is the member of our agency and has exclusive rights)?
I mean when submitting a proposal I choose our team (7 Red Lines) then I have to  select a freelancer from whom a proposal will come from! But I don't see the necessary freelancer, for instance our junior Android developer is the member of 7 Red Lines agency and has exclusive rights, but I don't see his name when selecting freelancer. Please see the attached screens. 
Also another member of our agency Sergei Miroshnichenko cannot get exclusive rights despite the fact that we did all the steps right. 
So could you help with these question. I will appreciate your quick reply to our questions.
Will be waiting, thanks Alex 


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Community Manager

Hi Alexandr,


Please know that for a freelancer to be able to work on Upwork they need to submit their profile for approval. If their profile is rejected, you will not be able to submit proposals on their behalf. Feel free to let the freelancers know they can resubmit their profiles and we'll take another look. Once submitted, we typically take 24 hours to review the application and we will notify them via email if the application is approved or declined.



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Hi, Andrea!
Thanks for the reply. Could you also explain what freelancer (that is connected to our agency)  should do in order his profile to be submitted? I mean our freelancer got an email that he needs to add some other skillsets or work experience so that he can get an approval for his profile.  But I believe this also might not help.How many rejection are done everyday?  And what are the major profile changes that might guarantee submitting a profile? could you name them?
Thanks in advance, Alex

Hi Alexandr,


The freelancer can update their profile in the future, as they gain more experience outside of Upwork or learn new skills. Once they re-submit their profile, we’ll take another look to see if there sufficient need for their skills and experience in the marketplace. We accept new freelancers based on the demand in the marketplace and having a complete profile helps us determine if there is sufficient demand for their skills and experience, but does not guarantee admittance. Feel free to check this help article to learn more.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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