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Expired Offer?

Hello, I received an email today saying an offer has expired. I accepted the offer and the client pre-approved payment for the first milestone, due today, which has been done. I'm new to Upwork so I'm confused. Thanks, Debbie


Hi Debbie,

The client will be able to send you another offer which you can make sure to accept. Offers expire automatically after 7 days.


Why did it expire? I accepted it. Thanks for the quick reply and assistance Nina! Cheers, Debbie





The client has to fund the full budget or at least the first milestone when sending the offer, but the freelancer has to accept the offer in order for the contract to be formed. Unfortunately, it looks like you didn't accept the offer. It's okay though, the funded amount is refunded to the client and they can send you a new offer.

~ Valeria

I swore I accepted it, not sure what I missed but thanks for letting me know. I will let the client know. Thanks so much, Debbie

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