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F-1 Student CPT authorized - Question about my situation

Hello guys,


Here is my case, I am an F-1 Student which I know that we cannot do any freelance jobs on Upwork.

However, I have received an offer from my employer through Handshake (University recruit), and they want me to sign the contract and process the payment on Upwork. 


Here is how my case should look like:

  • I have an authorized CPT to work for my employer A.
  • My employer A wants to sign the contract and process the payment through the third freelance party is Upwork.
  • I will only work for that employer A during my authorized CPT.
  • I will have to enter my SSN in order to receive the payment, which means I will receive a tax report from Upwork with my employer A.

Here is what I am concerning now:

  1. Does that violate my F-1 visa?
  2. Should I ask my employer to proceed with my payment by check or direct deposit instead of Upwork?


Please let me know what do you guys think, and how to figure this out.








Hi Toby,


It would be best if you speak with an immigration officer so that you can be assisted accordingly. 

~ Joanne
Community Member

Thanks, Joanne,


I will ask them about this

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