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F-2 Visa Freelance work permit

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Priyanka P Member Since: Jun 3, 2019
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I am on F-2 Visa and don't have an SSN. While I am waiting for my college to begin, can I freelance on upwork and earn in the currency of my home-country? If no, why is that illegal?

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Priyanka: Upwork does not determine issues of legality and eligibility for work.


Nobody at Upwork is familiar with all the details of your particular situation, your history, your visa status, your nationality, your place of birth, your parentage, your residence history, your educational history, qualifications, the number of credit hours you are signed up for, etc. All of those things could be questions that a local authority or expert might ask to determine your work eligibility.


Upwork has an official policy that allows people to work on Upwork as long as they are legally allowed to do so. But Upwork refers freelancers to their local authorities and experts to make that determination.