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Fake / Fraudulent Company

I'm new to Upwork and finally received an interview request. I was excited any the opportunity but everything seemed strange about this process. 

1. The rep requested I download telegram and provided a contact number for me to reach out to someone

 2. The interview was completely via text

 3. The questions were generic and not specific to the role

 4. The job offer was poorly written and lacked the professional touch

 5. I found a website for the company, but it looks basic and couldn't retrieve any additional information. 

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a way to report suspicious job postings or any support to validate real employers? 

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Hi BJ,


I'm sorry that you encountered a scam. You can find a post about red flags for scams here. You can learn how our internal team is fighting these scams in this blog post. You can report a scam job posting by clicking the "Flag as inappropriate" link that appears in the right column on job postings.


Please keep in mind that communicating with clients outside of Upwork prior to a contract being created is a violation of the Terms of Service. You should not agree to talk to any client outside the tools provided on Upwork until they have sent you an offer and you have accepted it. To help keep you safe, we offer chat, live voice, live video, and asynchronous video options for communicating directly on Upwork.

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Hey BJ, I am new to UPwork and in need of a position asap and I fell into this **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I got screwed "we'll deposit into your accounts for you to buy the supplies needed for work" well, same as you interview through telegram which I have done before on the up and up. money was deposited then was asked to send to a company that they work with for suppling hardware. Did thAT then was asked to send the rest to another. I questioned why would I get the supplies from one facility. I got "Do You want the job?" I said no, not from a company with an attitude like that. Next thing I know My account was withdrawnfor the original amount that was deposited but didn't have that full amount since I had already sent 1000. for "so called" Supplies. I did my research, company has a full website, shows a picture on Google. Now my account is overdrawn 1300.00 that I am responsible for. I fell for the ole banana in the tailpipe trick on this one!

Sorry to hear that Mikal. I'm not sure what anyone can do about the money that you lost, but I will say that there are some legit ipportunities on Upwork. I try to apply to jobs that have verified payment history. I have not secured any work yet, but I have interviewed with a company that was more legit than the telegram scammers. 

I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get refunded for the money you were scammed out of. 

Hi Mike!


As someone who was scammed (luckily no money was transferred thanks to Upwork Community for being so responsive), here's what I can advise you.


1. Transacations outside of Upwork- via Telegram, Skype, or any other platforms ARE PURELY SACMS

2. When submitting for a proposal, always check client activities first- payment should be verified, they have existing job offers, how much they have already spent for jobs, they have reviews on them, etc. 

3. If only few connects are needed for the submission of proposals, always go back to no. 2; and

3. When in doubt, DON'T


Hope you fulfill your endeavors here on Upwork

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Always report to Upwork any company that request you go off site. These Telegram postings that have been coming though are 100% fake companies.

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Hello BJ J,

like the other colleagues said, this company are 100% fake,

I was once almost a victim of such scam, they asked me to pay around 400$ to get the job requirements (member card, ...), and also they are working on Telegram.

To resume,  keep your work and discussions on Upwork platforms and jobs that mentioned a WhatsApp number or Telegram number.

I wish you good luck in your next interview 

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