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Filtering Job Posts - Refined Search Term and Ways to Use the Client History filter

Hi everyone,

I've found that this search term works fairly well to filter out posts with external contact information (Telegram and WhatsApp contacts and email addresses), which will help you to avoid some of the scam posts. You can cut it and paste it into the search window and add other search terms.

AND NOT (t.me OR Telegram OR wa.me OR whatsapp OR "*@*.*")

For example, if you were searching for English to French translation jobs, you could
use this search:

English AND "to French" AND translation AND NOT (t.me OR Telegram OR wa.me OR whatsapp OR "*@*.*")

The Client History filter on the lefthand side may also be useful. People who post scam jobs generally don't hire anyone, so you can use the filter to select for jobs where the client has previously hired on Upwork.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 8.30.22 AM.png

However, new clients do post on the board all the time. But you may want to scan the posts from the clients without hires more carefully. You could filter these into one search by checking the "no hires" box, and scan this list separately.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 8.30.33 AM.png

You can do some of the same things using the Advance Search form, but I've noticed that sometimes the searches aren't as refined.

You can find instructions for using the Advanced Search form here:

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This is incredibly helpful, but unfortunatley, that means that legit clients are being filtered out as well.

Only if you work directly with anything involved with Telegram or WhatsApp.  I'm guessing the majority of people don't.  You can also search directy for those terms and use the Client History check boxes to filter your search for clients who have hired in the past.

No search will be perfect.

And how many legit clients do you see posting their direct contact info?

True. My mistake. I just jumped the gun looking for a black lining in your silver cloud.

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