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Financial transactions have been limited. Please help

Return to Upwork after two years. All i found is a information bar  told  me that Financial transactions for Ciger  **Edited for Community Guidelines** (10955174) have been limited. Please check your email for additional information or contact customer support.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ciger, 

I'll go ahead and request the team to look into your account. I will update you on this thread once I have more information from the team. 


UPDATE: Hi Ciger, please send an appeal on the status of your account either through this old support ticket, or through a new ticket so that the team can assist you with your account. 

~ Avery

hi, where can I submit a new ticket?

Hi Ciger,

You can submit a new ticket on this Link by clicking on the green Get Help button or on the link that Avery shared with you. Thank you!

~ Goran