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Finding Jobs

Hi, I am a new member and trying to seek work since last week. I already submit about 5 proposals but I haven't received any feedback yet. Can you help me? Do you think I have a problem with my profile? Hope you can help. Thanks

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It took me two months and twenty four proposals before I got a job.

Some freelancers use up all their connects for months before they get one. Five is nothing.

Even now I'll submit seven or eight and hear from maybe one or two clients. Maybe. I've been on this site for almost a year now.

It'll happen. Just be patient.
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Hello Marideth,


Keep Trying to apply those jobs which you think that you are perfect fit for.  This message is just to encourage you to keep trying, by giving my example I also got my first job after a lot of struggle but now I am a successful freelancer and doing regular projects so keep going one day you will be “TOP RATED”.


Advice from my side:

  1. Try to improve your profile presentation, like try to elaborate your profile overview.
  2. As you mentioned in your profile title that you are a CPA (Certified Public Accountant, add relevant degree in your education section.

Stay Positive,

Happy Freelancing.


Thanks & Regards



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